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We seek to recognise, respect and celebrate the very best of WA Beer through the WA Beer Week festival. WA Beer Week manifests in creating a recognised WA Beer culture, one which acknowledges inclusivity, diversity as well as the legacy of WA Beer locally, nationally and internationally through the people that create and enjoy it. This is achieved through setting the highest standards, creating high value experiences and a process of continual improvement to become Western Australia’s most recognised beer festival.

1. Purpose

The purpose of WA Beer Week is to promote, support and protect Western Australian beer by:
● acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of WA Beer;
● promoting and encouraging the appreciation of WA Beer to a wider audience;
● increasing awareness and education about WA Beer to a diverse range of stakeholders including but not limited to the general public, the State government as well as hospitality and tourism industries;
● seeking and maintaining strategic and synergistic partnerships to deliver the charter;
● increasing the overall market for WA Beer;
● supporting producers of WA Beer, including suppliers of raw materials, and promoting their products and venues to a wider audience;
● supporting businesses that support WA Beer;
● creating an inclusive WA Beer culture which recognises the legacy of WA Beer nationally and internationally, however, primarily advocates WA Beer and it’s consumers; and
● encourage and facilitate collaboration with out of state producers to strengthen WA Beer and WA Beer Week in line with the WA Beer Week charter.

2. Nature, Scope and Approach

WA Beer Week is a curated ten day festival, coordinated and governed by the WA Beer Week committee, part of the West Australian Brewers Association (WABA). It is centred around:
● Events that showcase WA Beer in its many forms held at venues and breweries in Perth
and throughout Western Australia;
● Diverse consumer education events; and
● An Industry Conference for brewers, trade and retail.

WA Beer Week primarily seeks to create awareness and appreciation of WA Beer throughout the Western Australian community, within the existing industry and more broadly. Although centred in Perth, WA Beer Week seeks to include all regions of the the state. Recognising the influence of WA Beer on the national and international beer community, WA Beer Week may engage with participants or partners outside the state – National or international; however, the primary focus is to celebrate WA Beer with an ultimate aim for broad recognition of WA Beer, including internationally, particularly in Asia.

3. Organisation

WA Beer Week shall:
● be an independent, not-for-profit organisation;
● endeavour to represent interests from the range of participants and sponsors for the benefit of the wider WA Beer industry;
● require the president, committee members and volunteers to declare any professional conflicts of interest and to work solely for the benefit of WA Beer Week when on WA Beer Week business; and
● require president, committee members and volunteers to operate within the WA Beer Week charter at all times, being mindful that they represent WA Beer Week.

4. Policies

The WA Beer Week Committee shall:
● emphasise and support the responsible consumption and service of alcohol;
● promote the cultural value of beer – it’s artisanal and traditional aspects;
● promote the appreciation of beer quality, variety, flavour and tradition as well as innovation;
● promote an inclusive WA Beer culture that is known beyond the state;
● invite expressions of interest from potential participants to be approved for inclusion in the WA Beer Week program;
● assess expressions of interest against the WA Beer Week criteria (see Item 5 below) and reserve the right to exercise its judgement as it sees fit regarding which products, events and sponsors shall be approved for participation, whilst seeking to be fair minded;
● curate a program of events, ensuring alignment with the WA Beer culture, WABA, as well as maximising diversity in order to provide the best experience for punters and highest likelihood of a successful event for venues;
● encourage and support events which seek to expand WA Beer beyond its core market;
● operate an appeal process for those products, events and sponsors that are not granted approval; and
● actively seek and develop appropriate, broad ranging sponsorship that aligns with the WA Beer Week charter.

4.1. Code of Conduct and Values

WA Beer Week is operated and supported by a diverse and evolving group of individuals in both paid and volunteer roles. In ensuring the continued growth and positive awareness WA Beer Week and WA Beer, the following provides guidance on supporting values and behaviours.

WA Beer Week and WA Beer is founded on values of:
● Inclusivity
● Quality
● Diversity
● Vibrancy
● Equality
● Respect

These values are exhibited in these supporting behaviours.

WA Beer:
● works hard to maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity in product, content,
promotion and behaviour;
● celebrates and respects a diverse culture of people that inform it, including fair and
respectful representation of women, the LGBTQIA + community, people of all abilities, cultural and generational diversity;
● operates within the rules and spirit of Australian law;
● WA Beer most often happens around the glass and not always in it – we understand that
not everyone likes every beer and that’s ok. Creating a welcoming, social environment
for all WA Beer is paramount, both online and in person;
● knows how to have fun and be creative but has good mates to kept them in check; and
● understands that WA Beer has a broad social responsibility beyond the beer community.

● support sexualised, demeaning or prejudicial content for the promotion of beer;
● ignore behaviour which is contrary to the WA Beer Week charter, whether in person or
online; and
● reject, attack or ignore grievances or concerns when it comes to the conduct of our
industry, its businesses or individuals.
These are intended as a guide and may not cover every situation. However, if unsure, some
general guidance may be found by asking:
● “Does what I am about to communicate show respect?”;
● “Is it my role to comment on behalf of WA Beer Week?”
● “What are the greater social implications beyond the beer community of this
● “Has this communication / situation been reviewed by an impartial third party?”

Venues hosting WA Beer Week events should be accessible for people of all abilities, and events that are accessible and inclusive for all will be encouraged and prioritised.

Furthermore, individuals representing WA Beer Week are reminded that personal views and comments may not necessarily reflect the views of WA Beer Week, as such, they are strongly cautioned about expressing them on behalf of the festival, particularly on Social Media.

5. Definition of WA Beer:

For the purpose of the the WA Beer Week Charter, WA Beer is defined as beer produced within the state of Western Australia or brewed elsewhere for a brewery whose principal place of business is in Western Australia. This statement acknowledges that WA Beer may require more context and the following points provide further guidance, although these are not exhaustive.

WA Beer:
● is produced within the state of Western Australia or employs a brewer who is based in Western Australia;
● may be from large and small operations as well as through collaboration;
● celebrates and promotes the legacy of Western Australian brewing and the state of Western Australia;
● supports the WA Beer Week and WABA charter;
● expands the awareness and scope of WA Beer;
● supports the WA Beer Week Code of Conduct and Values (See item 4.1); and
● seeks high standards and continual improvement.

6. WA Beer Week Event Eligibility Criteria

Events shall be eligible for inclusion if they support the purpose of WA Beer Week as outlined in Item 1 above. Events must feature the appreciation and promotion of WA Beer as defined above in item 5 and ensure the responsible consumption and service of alcohol.   The primary focus of WA Beer Week is WA Beer, however, this may include collaboration with businesses beyond the state of Western Australia to produce an event, or product which creates a high value experience in line with this charter. It is the strong belief of WABA and WA Beer Week that collaboration, within Western Australia and externally, only strengthens our industry and can add a high level of engagement for consumers and venues alike. As such, the WA Beer Week committee is able to facilitate the introduction of Western Australian beer businesses as required.

Out of state producers must collaborate with a Western Australian brewery to be eligible for inclusion in WA Beer Week. A collaboration is usually, but is not limited to, hosting an event together or producing a product together.

6.1. Eligibility for Participants

Participants in WA Beer Week shall promote values as aligned with WA Beer Week and WABA, primarily:
● commitment to the continual improvement of beer and beer culture;
● strive to make their events inclusive for all and a celebration of beer and beer culture;
● will actively support the venues in the WA Beer Week calendar; and
● will promote their event and WA Beer Week in line with WA Beer Week Code of Conduct and Values (See item 4.1)

6.2. Event Curation and Selection

Event selection is curated to ensure that WA Beer Week has a diverse program of events, in a range of areas while maximising promotion and growth opportunity for Western Australian breweries, producers and venues. Not all applications may be accepted. Factors that may contribute to unsuccessful event selection may include, but is not limited to;
● two or more events of a similar nature in the same area;
● too many events have been registered for the same night;
● the basic elements of an event has been repeated too many times throughout WA Beer Week;
● previous events of a similar nature have been unsuccessful, based upon past sales or committee opinion;
● a lack of adequate promotion for previous WA Beer Week events, based upon ticket sales or committee opinion;
● a business or event fails to represent the best interests of WA Beer Week, the WA Beer Week Charter and WABA based on the opinion of the committee. This may include but is not limited to integrity or ethical concerns, collaborations, contract brewing, and faux-breweries; and
● not adhering to Event Holders Guide or contravening the WA Beer Week charter.
Events that are not accepted will receive recommendations on what changes can be made to become a part of the WA Beer Week calendar. In the event that no applicable recommendations are made, a list of alternate event ideas will be provided.

Events submitted after the cut-off dates may be accepted, but will be based upon the decision of the WA Beer Week committee and suitability within the calendar of events. Events submitted within the registration period have priority.

6.3. Appeals Process

While exhaustive efforts will be made to accomodate all applications where possible, an unsuccessful applicant has the right to appeal the decision. An appeal must be lodged via email within forty eight hours of receiving notification of an unsuccessful application. Appeals after this period will not be considered.
The appeal should provide a detailed explanation as to why the event should be reviewed and/or detailing changes that have been made, especially those as recommended by the WA Beer Week committee.

6.4. Promotional Material

Venues participating in WA Beer Week must distinguish their event as a WA Beer Week event and must use promotional material as organised by WA Beer Week. Digital assets will be provided to venues for marketing purposes upon notification of a successful application.

WA Beer Week and WABA reserve the right to prevent use of their namesake and/or logos and/or other materials for unauthorised events.

7. WA Beer Week Committee

WA Beer Week is run by the Western Australia Brewers Association (WABA), a not-for-profit association that was founded in 2001 by John “Spesh” Stallwood. The WA Beer Week committee is comprised of:
● General Manager (a current serving WABA member assigned to promotional duties)
● Creative Director
● Marketing Manager
● External Communications Officer
● Events Officers
● Regional Ambassador
● Volunteer Coordinator
Decisions governing the core activities of WA Beer Week must be agreed upon at a minimum ratio of four to one. Where sub-committees are formed, or paid professional hired, to carry out WA Beer Week activities, these sub-committees and professionals are governed by the WA Beer Week Charter and the directives set by the WA Beer Week Committee.

8. WA Beer Week Representatives

WA Beer Week is represented by the WA Beer Week committee and an evolving group of volunteers. It is the onus of all individuals and businesses that engage with, or represent WA Beer Week that they have read and understood the WA Beer Week charter. Any questions relating to the WA Beer Week charter should be directed via email to the WA Beer Week committee.

All WA Beer Week representatives are strongly advised against commenting on behalf of WA Beer Week, particularly on Social Media. It is the responsibility of the WA Beer Week committee to provide official media comment.

9. Amendments

Changes to this document shall be voted on by the four serving members of the WABA committee and the Creative Director overseeing the WA Beer Week committee. Any suggested changes will need to be agreed to upon a ratio of four to one to be formalised.


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