2019 Event Holder Guide


The 18th Annual WA Beer Week will run from 20th-30th June 2019 and will be a celebration  of all things craft beer in Western Australia.

WA Beer Week is WA’s premier beer event and the perfect chance for breweries and venues to showcase their world class product or venue to the WA public and leverage greater interest through WA Beer Week’s exciting event’s calendar and high media exposure.

Now in its 18th year, WA Beer Week is proudly organised by The Western Australian Brewers Association and features events from many of Western Australia’s best breweries and hospitality venues.

This year, WA Beer Week moves to its new home on the WA Brewing calendar. Now in June, moving away from the super busy and packed November to a more sensible mid year slot. This has allowed us to align WA Beer Week with the 2019 Perth Royal Beer Show Awards and Festival, which will ensure a more attractive and focused WA Beer Week, with a wider potential customer base. Start your planning now to deliver truly engaging consumer experiences.

Our Vision

Bring vibrancy to the winter hues, with your brilliant venues, celebrating your world-class local brews!

Our aim for this year’s festival is to have truly bespoke events, that will capture the public’s attention and give them the opportunity to be a part of our fun and unique industry. The program will be heavily curated and we will be limiting the number of events to ensure less directly competing events

As WA’s premier beer event, this perfect chance for breweries and venues to showcase their world class product or venue to the WA public and leverage greater interest through WA Beer Week’s exciting event’s calendar and high media exposure.

We want great events! If your event does not offer something unique to the public it may not be accepted to the calendar. This is because; we want your events to succeed, and we want WA Beer Week to be a festival that the public recognises as exciting and worthy of their entertainment dollars.

The following information will guide you through registering an event and the benefits of doing so. However, registering an event is only the first step, much like brewing a beer the job isn’t complete until it is in the consumer’s hand. Publicity is the key.

Key Dates

  • March 22nd, 2019 – Registrations Open.
  • April 19th, 2019 – Registrations Close.
  • April 26th, 2019 – Event host informed of their acceptance into the festival program.
  • May 10th, 2019 – Tickets on-sale @ www.wabeerweek.com.au
  • June 20th – 30th, 2019 – WA Beer Week Festival
  • June 29th, 2019 – Perth Royal Beer Show 

Registration Guidelines

  • Your event responsibly promotes the beer community within Western Australia.
  • Events must be different from your usual offering throughout the year. For example, if you register a quiz night that your venue throws every week, there is a high chance it won’t make the festival calendar.
  • West Australia is a truly unique corner of the world, so we want one of a kind events that showcase what makes it special. Those events that offer unique experiences and W.A. love will be favoured.
  • Venues participating must be supportive of the WA Beer community year round.
  • We love our East Coast brewery brothers and sisters and welcome them to join in the WA Beer Week fun. However, in the spirit of WA Beer Week’s celebration of WA and great beer, we will be encouragingany East Coast Brewery’s registering for an event, to pair up with a WA Brewery. This is a great opportunity for breweries to develop interstate relations, create fun collaborations, and gives WA Beer Week the opportunity to set itself apart from other beer festivals

Download a copy of the Event Holder Guide 2019 here

Tips and Tricks

  • Be inclusive. Let’s tap into those drinkers who haven’t yet started their WA beer journey and show them how good our WA beer community is. Be creative! Use the right side of your beer brain and create an event that will wow the crowds. (look to past WA Beer Week successes, Good Beer Week, etc for inspiration, but give them a tweak. We find that events that are repeated tend to not sell as well.) Be informative. When registering your event, make sure that you provide as much information as possible so that we can see the value you will bring to the WA Beer Week calendar.

Registration Process

We will again be using Eventbrite for ticket sales. To register your event please take note of the following

1. Register your event through the WA Beer Week site. Make sure to include as much information as possible.

2. The WA Beer week team will contact you if more details are required.

3. Your event information will be loaded for you into Eventbrite.

4. You will be sent an email asking you to enter/check your bank details through your Eventbrite page.

5. You will have full access to your Eventbrite event listing for making changes, adding content, checking ticket sales (you will receive weekly ticket sales summaries automatically) and printing/viewing attendee lists.

Registration Fees

A registration fee of $250 will be collected for each event.

Ticketing Fees

No ticket fees from WA Beer Week

Eventbrite Fees: The ticketing fees from Eventbrite are in addition to the our registration fee. However, this fee is passed on to the customer as a booking fee. The fees collected by Eventbrite are structured around ticket price and will be added on top of your listed ticket price. This fee is made clear to customers before their purchase is processed.

please note: We are currently negotiating with EventBrite for a better fee structure to benefit our ticket purchasers, the below information is correct but may change shortly. 

Their fee structure is as follows:

.49c + 2% 

Credit Card Fee: 2%

All free tickets/comp tickets are free of charge.   


Once events are live on the ticketing platform you will have access to view and amend details. Please add your bank account details for direct payment from EventBrite. Should details not be entered all collect funds will be paid to WABA. Settlements to the event holders will be processed as soon as possible after bank details are received from event holders.


WA Beer Week and the WA Brewers Association (WABA) are not for profit organisations seeking to showcase the WA craft beer industry and enhance consumer awareness of fresh & local craft beer.

WA Beer Week is seeking financial support in the way of major and minor sponsorships in order to ensure the success of this event. This allows us to promote the event successfully throughout WA.

Think you can help? Please contact us at beerweek@wabeerweek.com.au. We can offer sponsorship opportunities at all levels and for any size organisation.


We’re here to help make the week a success! The WA Beer Week team can be reached through: beerweek@wabeerweek.com  

Alternatively, you can contact the following committee members at the following contact numbers;

General enquires, Event support and Registration 

Chris Espie 0400 150 449

Brett Newman 0429 575 772

Sponsorship Queries, WA Beer Week Charter and philosophy discussion

Brendan Day 0438 555 961

Download a copy of the Event Holder Guide 2019 here.

REGISTER AN EVENT HERE: 2019 Registration 


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