Perth Beer Week ‘Hub’

It didn’t take us long to decide where the home of WA Beer Week should be for 2016, the answer was pretty simple. Petition Beer Corner’s philosophy as a venue, central location and commitment to WA Brewing makes them the obvious choice for our Beer Week hub.

Whether you are starting out on the beginning on your beer week explorations, attending one of Petition’s many events, or settling in for an afternoon of craft beer with friends, Petition Beer Corner is there to deliver that memorable and informative WA Beer Week experience.

Petition Beer Corner

Pouring an assortment of conventional classics and unique limited releases, Petition Beer Corner is designed for the inquisitive.

Great deliberation takes place over each and every beer selection. With 18 independent taps, and an extensive bottled list, we celebrate exploration of different flavours and styles.

Whether you’re an aficionado or just an admirer of beer, our Cicerone Program Certified Beer Servers are trained to help you find a brew you’ll love. Head Chef Jesse Blake’s bespoke beer menu is sure to complement whichever you choose.

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